Testimonials from Students and Clients

“LOVED IT! I would like to do all my training this way! Much easier than trying to get ready and get somewhere on time after a day with the kids and you made it very easy to access!”

“Instructors were very talkative. They answered any question that came up and did not go off course or get distracted.  I truly enjoyed this webinar.”

“Great training, very informative and awesome job in educating us on how to prevent SIDS/SUID.”

“The webinar format is really nice and makes it easy to do the training at home. It was put together very well, organized and stayed on topic.”

I enjoyed being able to do it from home and still be able to ask questions and get a sense that it was a formal meeting whether I was in my pajamas or not.”

“The entire Webinar was solely based on facts and explained. Very professional while providing personal assistance.”

“Thanks for dedicating so much time toward protecting our little ones!”